Utility Carts 101: The Ultimate Buying Guide
Utility Carts 101: The Ultimate Buying Guide

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Utility Carts 101: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Utility carts serve a wide array of purposes for several different industries. Schools, warehouses, offices, churches, and spaceships are just a few places you might find them…okay, maybe not spaceships, but that’s just because of the whole “zero gravity” thing. Service carts make any job easier, but how do you know you’re getting the best possible cart for your needs? The following guide will highlight feature variations between several utility cart models to help you find your perfect fit.

Things to Consider:
  • Weight capacity
  • Size
  • Shelves
  • Material
  • Wheels

Overwhelmed? Hey, no worries! Now that you know what factors you should have in mind, let’s break it down.


Weight Capacity
If you’re looking for a utility cart, odds are you’ve got some heavy-lifting to do. The Original Tubster line of tub carts offer some of the best carrying capacities in the industry, evenly distributing weight between shelves.

If you’re looking to transport lighter everyday items (books, cleaning supplies, boxes, etc.) on a flat shelf surface, our flat shelf Tubster Utility Carts will get the job done, hauling 300 pounds! And, believe it or not, it only goes up from there: our Original Tubster tub carts will hold up to 400 pounds, and for the heaviest-duty of jobs, Tubsters offer heavy duty and extra large options that can manage up to 500 pounds. Yes seriously, 500 pounds. For reference, elephants—the world’s largest land mammal—weight 230 pounds at birth. Not assuming you need a tub cart to transport baby elephants, but on the off chance you’ve found yourself working as a baby elephant transporter, we’ve got several options.


Once you’ve determined how much weight your utility cart needs to transport, the next step is determining what size you need. Whether you’re looking for a janitorial cart, office cart, or general store cart, your space is valuable.

For a tight space, consider a compact utility cart. Whether you’re looking for a flat shelf cart or a multi-level tub cart, there’s a Tubster that will work for you. But what if you want to go big? There’s a Tubster for that, too! The Tubster XL has all the space you need, maybe even a little more, just in case. Now, I hear you, Goldilocks: This cart is too big, this cart is too small…what about a cart that’s just right? Original Tubsters started off with utility carts that fall somewhere in the middle. Take a look at the comparison chart linked at the end of this post for all the nitty-gritty details and exact measurements!


Take a quick inventory of the items you're looking to transport and consider a few things: size, space, height, etc. Once you've determined roughly what you'll be toting, you can pick the shelf configuration that works best for you!

Tubster utility carts are currently offered in 2 and 3-shelf models, with more on the way. Beyond this, we offer tub shelves for deeper, more secure storage, and flat shelves that perfectly accommodate oversized items and offer a nice work surface for folding or stacking. Opt for all tub shelves, all flat shelves, or a combination of the two.


Whether you're transporting cleaning supplies, arts and crafts, or paperwork: Life can get messy. Tubsters are made of HDPR (high-density polyethylene) shelves and PVC legs, which make them scratch and stain-resistant. Plus, it's easy to clean up spills, should they happen (no judgment). 


Using the Tubster is wheel-y simple! All four wheels swivel 360°, with two locking wheels to keep your utility cart in place when needed. Beyond that, Tubsters are offered with either regular or heavy-duty casters, which both can be installed without any tools. Well now we're just bragging.


For even more information, check out a comparison chart of all our Tubster utility / service carts here!

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